Broadcaster And Former Hoosier Todd Leary Arrested For Real Estate Fraud

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Todd Leary, best known for his time as a Hoosier player and his current stint as an Indiana broadcaster was arrested on Wednesday night as part of a multimillion-dollar real estate fraud scheme.

The 39 year old broadcaster spent the night in jail and will face charges in an Allen County Court.  The charges against him according to the L.A. Times include:

…conspiracy to misappropriate real estate title insurance escrow funds, by improperly transferring about $1.3 million to a bank account he controlled. Court documents also say Leary once worked for a title insurance broker who pleaded guilty in a $2.7 million scheme.

Leary was a Hoosier from 1989-1994 and was part of the teams final four NCAA team. He currently broadcasts the IU’s radio show.

No other information has been released at this time.

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