The Best 2010 Super Bowl Commercials


The New Orleans Saints were victorious for the first time in the team’s history at the end of Superbowl 44, and as the party raged in the streets of New Orleans, the rest of the world looked back on the biggest day in advertising.

The Superbowl commercials in 2010 varied from car companies, to Doritos, to the Superbowl ad king, Budweiser. CBS also made sure that they plugged all of its upcoming shows.

The ads this year were nothing special. They played on the economy, the car industry, and people dealing with life in the workplace. At least it’s a step forward from last years, cash for gold commercials.

Here are  some of the best Superbowl ad’s of 2010.

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It is a sad reflection on our society where most of the commercials involved some type of violence. It used to be that the commercials were inventive and funny, now it is all about people hitting others, including a child hitting an adult because the adult ate one of his Doritos. Even Budweiser Light commercials with the too strong element that have been around for a few months show a woman using a nail gun to attach her beau's boutonniere. I can just see some kid picking up a nail gun and using it on a friend, because it was funny on TV. Budweiser had on good commercial, where the calf and horse become friends. Up until recently they had great imaginative commercials. I was disappointed yesterday that most of the commercials were terrible.


those commercials were fifty times more horrible then the ones in the 90's. What is happening with these companies that they feel the need to release these big budget crap ads?

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