Gray Wolves to be Killed Despite Endangered Status

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endangered gray wolf

The gray wolf is endangered in every state except for Alaska and Minnesota, but that isn’t stopping government agencies from seeking new authority to kill more gray wolves. Various proposals are asking for the authority to kill more wolves in the Northern Rockies and near the Great Lakes.

According to MSNBC, the proposals are asking to “gas pups in their dens, surgically sterilize adult wolves and allow “conservation” or “research” hunts to drive down the predators’ numbers.”

The wolves have been poisoned before, and were once driven to near extinction. But over the past two decades, wolves have made a comeback under the Protection of Endangered Species Act. The wolf population is growing so fast, that some people believe that we have to start killing them again.

“As the wolf populations increase, the depredations increase and the number of wolf removals will increase. It’s very logical,” said Mark Collinge, Idaho director for Wildlife Services. “You just have to accept that part of having wolves is having to kill wolves.”

But animal activists say that the gray wolf is still an endangered species, and we can’t start limiting their numbers.

“The draconian lengths they are poised to take really are a throwback, to when the same agency was gassing wolf pups in their dens almost a century ago and setting poisoned baits and trapping them,” said Michael Robinson with the Center for Biological Diversity.

The gray wolf may still be endangered, but its numbers are growing. In some places, the wolf population has increased so much that the animal now preys on cattle and other livestock.

The proposals say that they will only gas wolf dens to kill wolf pups on rare occasions. Instead, they will expand their more established efforts, like shooting wolves from helicopters.

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I hear we have about 10,000-15,000 illegal aliens cross the border each day, and we are worried about a few thousand wolfs? How sad in a country of 300+ millions and billions more people in the world, that we as a society, have to exterminate wolfs because we can’t manage to live with a few thousand grey wolfs.

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