Fisherman Catches 30 Pound Goldfish

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man catches giant goldfish

Fisherman Raphael Biagini has caught the world’s largest goldfish. Biagini was fishing in France when he reeled in a 30 pound koi carp. The koi carp is pretty common in France, but according to the Daily Mail, (whose headline was “we’re going to need a bigger bowl”) this fish is thought to be the largest one ever captured.

The photo looks like it could be a hoax, but according to Yahoo and the Daily Telegraph, this giant Goldfish is absolutely real.

It took Biagini 10 minutes to reel in his massive catch, and after a brief photo shoot, the fish was released back into the water.

Yahoo reports that although the picture might look fake, it is well within the realm of possibility. Koi Carp can grow as big as 90 lbs, if they have the space to grow, and the bright orange color is pretty common, too.

So what do you think? Is the giant goldfish a hoax?

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If thats 30 pounds then that guy holding it must be 30 to 40 pounds. maybe 50 max. This is bullshit and im fuckin sick of bullshit storys.


nota chance that fish is real if it were it would weigh ALOT more than the 30 pounds he says, that fuish, if it were reaL would weigh more than 100 pounds, and he couldnt lift it like that in front of him with no effort


yep thats def a real fish

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