Caffeine Insanity Drives Ky. Man to Kill His Wife

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Woody Will Smith is accused of killing his wife, but Woody says that he isn’t responsible for his actions, because he was suffering from caffeine insanity. Smith is set to claim that excessive use of energy drinks, diet pills, and soda, left his mind so unstable that he was temporarily insane, and can’t be blamed for his actions.

Woody Smith is being accused of strangling his wife, Amanda Hornsby-Smith, with an extension chord in May of last year. His trial is scheduled to start today.

USA Today reports that Smith was taking the diet pills and drinking energy drinks in order to stay awake so that he could make sure that his wife wouldn’t leave him in the middle of the night.

The defense has hired Psychologist Robert Noelker, who says that Smith suffered from a “brief psychotic disorder” that was triggered by a lack of sleep.

The Associated Press reports that even though caffeine insanity is an unusual defense, it has worked before. In 2009, a man in Washington state successfully used caffeine insanity to get out of a charge of reckless driving.

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