The Real Reason the Titanic Sank… Bad Driving

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The Titanic

On April 14th, 1912, the most luxurious ship in the world hit an iceberg and sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. But according to Louise Patten, the granddaughter of a Titanic survivor, the Titanic would not have hit the iceberg if it wasn’t for a simple steering mistake.

“Instead of steering Titanic safely round to the left of the iceberg, once it had been spotted dead ahead, the steersman, Robert Hitchins, had panicked and turned it the wrong way.”

Patten says that by the time first officer William Murdoch realized that Hitchins had a mistake, it was too late to change course, and the Titanic struck the iceberg.

According to Patten, when sail ships were converted to steam ships, there were two steering systems. One system needed to be turned clockwise, while the other system needed to be turned counter-clockwise. Hitchens simply made a mistake, and turned in the wrong direction.

Patten is the granddaughter of Charles Lightoler, the most senior officer to survive the Titanic disaster. Patten says that her grandfather was not on duty at the time of the mistake, but was at a meeting of all the officers after the accident.

According to Reuters, Lightoler heard about the mistake that caused the accident, and also heard that J. Bruce Ismay, chairman of Titanic’s owner the White Star Line, persuaded the captain to keep the Titanic sailing. The decision to keep the Titanic moving, caused the ship to sink hours faster than if it had just stood still.

“If Titanic had stood still, she would have survived at least until the rescue ship came and no one need have died,” Patten said.

Patten says that her grandfather lied about what happened on the Titanic to protect the ships owner and its crew.

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I think that it was very sad.But at least some people surived the very bad accident.Those people are very lucky too this day.But somtimes i just wounder if they had bad driving,they did it on purpose they problly would not on purpose or else he would be trying to kill him self.I think that it was problly he drivers fau;t cause bad driving because dude you hit your boat into a stinken ice burg!Just practice just not on a 7,000 foot long boat into the middle of the ocean!I just hoped that the driver even survived...I hope that there were most people that survived than most people that died in the accident.Which i know is not true which is really really sad.But its live you learn to deal with it in my family.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Love Jordan

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