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Types of Apples
It’s the season for apples, the time when one of the world’s best-loved fruits is harvested for the coming year. But with all the many varieties of apples on the market, it’s tough to know what you’re getting when you make a purchase. Here we’ll demystify the top 10 apple varieties you’ll find in farm markets and grocery stores.

McIntosh Apple

10. McIntosh

An autumn staple, this often small, sweet apple is perfect for any number of preparations. With its hearty juiciness it makes a fantastic treat raw, as well. Its classic aroma means when cooking it will fill your house with a delicious apple scent.

Lady Sudeley Apple

9. Lady Sudeley

This unusual apple was cultivated in England in 1849. Its bright yellow skin is tinted with a blush of ruddy orange, and striped with red. Also known as Jacob’s Strawberry, the Lady Sudeley is a firm apple with a sweet flavor.

Red Rome Apple

8. Red Rome

Red Rome apples are fantastic for sauces and other types of cooking, including salads. Red Rome is a slightly tart apple with greenish-white flesh. It’s a mostly red fruit with pronounced spotting. Red Rome apples first emerged in Ohio in 1816.

Granny Smith Apple

7. Granny Smith

Seemingly the very inspiration behind sour green apple flavoring that’s so popular in candies, the Granny Smith is a tart apple with firm flesh. It packs a wallop of a crunch when eaten. It keeps extremely well, making it a great investment for off-season eating.

Golden Delicious Apple

6. Golden Delicious

This fragile apple makes a great all-purpose fruit, versatile enough to be included in pies and fillings while still great for perfect eating. It’s firm, crisp, and juicy, with a mild flavor. It bruises easily and shrivels in storage, however.

Red Delicious Apple

5. Red Delicious

This is the most commonly purchased type of apple in the United States. It’s the iconic fruit most people think of when they think of apples. The red delicious is, as its name suggests, bright red. It’s crisp and has a sweet flavor. It’s a highly popular eating apple.

Macoun Apple

4. Macoun

This apple is much like the McIntosh, which is one of its parents – Jersey Black being the other. It’s deeper red than a McIntosh, however, spread out over green skin. It is an all-purpose apple. Like the McIntosh, the Macoun is a highly fragrant fruit. And like the Golden Delicious, it bruises easily.

Paula Red Apple

3. Paula Red

The Paula Red is a fantastic early-season eating apple. It’s a beautiful rosy red with a near violet hue, and is a small to medium sized fruit. It has a mild taste, so it’s great for those who may not like the tartness of a Granny Smith or the sweetness of a Red Delicious.

Gala Apple

2. Gala

The Gala apple is a sweet apple with yellow flesh and a hint of tartness. It’s at its best when eaten fresh. Its base of yellow skin is heavily patterned with orange and red. It’s a beautiful fruit on the tree, producing some of the prettiest orchard scenes.

Jonagold Apple

1. Jonagold

This cross between a Jonathan and Golden Delicious is a large fruit that’s striped with red over a yellow skin. It’s another firm apple with juicy, somewhat tart flesh. It is of the highest quality for desserts and for eating. It also cooks well, and can be refrigerated for up to 3 months!

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