New Footage Surfaces of Neil Armstrong Walking on the Moon


apollo 11

New footage of the Apollo 11 moon landing, showing Neil Armstrong descending the ladder to the surface of the moon, has been found and restored. The footage, which lasts a few minutes, will be shown for the first time in Sydney, Australia, next week.

The footage of the 1969 moon landing was lost in Australian archives for years, and according to the AFP, was badly damaged when found. But John Sarkissian, the Australian astronomer who worked to restore the footage, says that the footage is the “best quality of Armstrong descending the ladder.”

“NASA were using the Goldstone (California) station signal, which had its settings wrong, but in the signals being received by the Australian stations you can actually see Armstrong,” said Sarkissian.

The footage will be shown at the awards night for Australian Geographic magazine, where Buzz Aldrin will be the guest of honor.

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