Stand2Pee Can Teach Women to Use Urinals [Video]


Another bathroom breakthrough for women. Not only are venues installing more women’s restrooms, now an entrepreneur is offering lessons on how a woman can stand up to pee.

Unisex urinals are in the concept phase, so adapting is the answer.

According to the teacher, women have been admiring men’s ability to pee on a tree. According to her, most women give it a try as a young girl, fail, and suffer getting chewed out by their mom for such a ridiculous effort.

The inventor Stacy Kwan laments:

Since then you have endured unsanitary public facilities, long and never-ending lines for a dirty stall so you can hover over a seat, or popped a squat when outdoors.

Preaching to the choir, she notes that learning to pee standing up is helpful if a woman ever goes hiking or camping and has squatted to pee in tall grass or the side of a mountain, or on the side of a road; or hovered over a dirty toilet seat, or waited in a long line for a stall when urinals were available at a club or concert…

She promises that women have the skills and it’s really simple…

Typically anywhere from a couple of hours up to a full day depending on the time and effort you put into learning. The more time and effort you take to conquer the obstacles in learning, the sooner you can master the skill!

Next, the competition! Can a woman ever write her name in the snow?

As the commercial says, “your results may vary,” and that is so true with Stand2Pee, as we are all built differently. Some girls can pee over five-feet in distance, and others much less. The average women will be able to pee between 2.5 feet and 3 feet in distance. If her name is Bernadette that may be a problem since it’s so long! But seriously, you will learn how to aim and use trajectory, the rest is based on your cursive skills.

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