Top 10 Pumpkin Carving Stencils


Pumpkin Carving Stencils for Jack O Lantern
It’s fun to design your own pumpkin from scratch, but most of us don’t have the illustration skills we might need to execute more thorough and fancier designs. And even if you do, sometimes you just want to have a perfect result to proudly display. A sure-fire way to achieve a perfect Jack O’Lantern every time is to use pumpkin carving stencils.

Using stencils to carve your pumpkin is easy! You can find thorough instructions for carving your pumpkin with stencils at DLTK‘s.

Once you know how to do it, check out this list of top 10 pumpkin carving stencils for ideas, and have fun!

Jack Skellington

10. Jack Skellington

The Pumpkin King is a timeless Jack O’Lantern favorite. His round skeletal face with big black eyes and ragged smile lends itself perfectly to the medium. Plus, The Nightmare Before Christmas movie is recognized by fans of all ages, so you’re likely to thrill both trick or treaters and their parents. Get the stencil at DLTK.


9. Bats

Readily recognizable as a creepy Halloween motif, bats against a full moon are a fun way to get into the Halloween spirit with your decor. It also makes a fairly simple pattern to carve. Get the stencil at eHow.


8. Dots

Go mod with your pumpkin this year! Various sized circles make a very simple pattern that really looks dazzling when lit by a candle. A round pumpkin with dots creates a geometric synergy that strangely doubles as both vintage and modern design – which makes it a versatile alternative to traditional Halloween decor. Get the stencil at eHow.


7. Witch

The seminal Halloween scare, witches are a great way to spruce up your holiday offerings. And chances are pretty good you’ll encounter a witch or two trick or treating, given how popular the costume is! Want a neat twist? Shrink this pattern on your computer before you print it and use it to carve miniature pumpkins which require only tea light candles. String them carefully from a tree (if there is little to no breeze) and let them take flight on Halloween night! Get the stencil at Spookmaster.


6. Gravestone

Even though they’re really nothing to fear, gravestones on Halloween lend a touch of the macabre to holiday fun. You can turn your pumpkin into a simple graveyard scene with a little creative cutting, like this stencil that bears the letters “RIP”. Get the stencil at DLTK.

Moon and Stars

5. Moon and Stars

For something that’s less frightening and more flexible, try a mystical motif like moons and stars. Even if it’s not creepy and crawly it’ll still add significantly to the ambiance, and give your house a magical feel. Get the stencil at eHow.

Trick or Treat

4. Trick or Treat

Welcome trick or treaters to your home with an ambitious lettered design. You’ll feel proud of yourself once you carve your way through this stunning “Trick or Treat” pattern with bat and spider accents, and your Jack O’Lantern will be inviting to Halloween guests. Get the stencil at DLTK.

Haunted House

3. Haunted House

Everybody loves a haunted house at Halloween, and everyone will love your haunted house pumpkin. It’s not the simplest design on this list, but it’s a spooky classic that’s sure to impress. Get the stencil from All Family Resources.

Scary Clown

2. Scary Clown

One of the most frightening things in the world, at least to many, is a scary clown. So if you’re aiming to make your Jack O’Lantern look fierce, a killer clown is just about as chilling as you can go! Get the stencil at DLTK.

Black Cat

1. Black Cat

It doesn’t get much more Halloween than a black cat – and it doesn’t get much cuter, too! You can carve a picturesque, arched-back black cat onto your pumpkin either by carving out the cat itself, or by carving the areas around the cat – leaving the cat to look truly black against the candlelight. Get the stencil at eHow.

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