Topless Toboggan Race Attracts Thousands

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A man takes to the track topless in Germany.
Thousands of brave Germans flocked to watch 30 even braver contestants compete topless in a toboggan competition, amidst the cold and snow. The event was held on a 100 meter track in Braunlage, with both male and female competitors taking part.

26 year old Christian Schmidt won first place, but a 70 year old man raised a rousing round of applause for taking the track in nothing but his long john underwear.

The event followed another topless toboggan race in Oberwiesenthal, in which women contestants were required only to wear a helmet and footwear and competed for approximately $460. The Oberwiesenthal tournament nearly didn’t take place after its liberal mayor threatened to ban the event for poor taste, stating “The good name of Oberwiesenthal is at stake.” [via Ananova]

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