Baby Falls 7 Stories, Bounces Off Awning, Caught Safely By Passerby

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paris cafe awning

A 15-month-old baby girl escaped practically unscathed from a traumatic fall from a 7th story window in Paris. The little girl fell from the window, bounced off of a cafe awning below, and was caught safely by a man who happened to be walking by.

The Telegraph reports that the little girl was playing unsupervised with her 4-year-old sister when she fell from the window of a 7th story flat in Paris.

A police spokesman said:

“The parents were absent, and it’s a bit difficult questioning the two girls, given their age.”

A man walking by saw the baby fall from the window, ran into position, and caught her after she bounced from the awning.

A bystander said after the incident:

“He must have played rugby for years to have developed reflexes like that.”

The little girl was taken to a nearby hospital where she is currently under observation. The hospital said that she did not receive any serious injuries.

Not only was the little girl lucky that the man happened to be in the right place at the right time, but she was also lucky that the cafe awning was up.

The cafe owner told a local tv station:

“I usually close it to stop it catching fire as people tend to throw their cigarette butts on to it.”

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