Almonds–The Natural Flu Shot

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close up on some almonds

A British/Italian study suggests that eating almonds on a regular basis can boost the immune system and ward off colds, flu, and other infections.

The London Telegraph explains:

Researchers found almond skins improved the ability of the white blood cells to detect viruses while also increasing the body’s ability to prevent viruses from replicating and so spreading inside the body.

The scientists tested their theory on Herpes Simplex Virus 2 and found that almonds were effective against it. The study was jointly conducted by the Institute of Food Research in the U.K. and the Policlinico Universitario in Italy.

Added Dr. Giuseppina Mandalari from the Institute of Food Research:

Almond skins are able to stimulate the immune response and thus contribute to an antiviral immune defence.

The study authors admit that more research needs to be done to determine how many almonds you have to consume for a positive immune response. The study was published in the Immunology Letters journal.

Almonds are also said to promote weight loss and reduce cholesterol. They are also a source of many vitamins and minerals.

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