U.S. News & World Report Gone In 2011


An established news magazine will bite the dust next year. U.S. News & World report has gone from weekly to every other week and then monthly in the past two years in an  attempt to keep the magazine alive.

An internal memo from editor Brian Kelly was posted to journalism website Romanesko.com.

The magazine makes news with it’s annual rankings of a variety of topics including

  • best colleges
  • best hospitals
  • personal finance
  • best high schools
  • best nursing homes
  • best cars and trucks
  • best law firms
  • best places to retire

From their website:

U.S.News & World Report came into existence through a journalistic merger. In 1933, journalist David Lawrence published the first issue of a weekly newspaper called the United States News. Six years later, he launched a magazine called World Report. When the two weeklies merged in 1948, U.S.News & World Report was born.

Circulation fell last year to 1,269,260 from 1,721,377 the year before, Magazine Publishers of America estimated.

The rankings issues will continue in-print according to the memo, as well as four special topic issues, but the rest of the publication’s content will only be available online.

The New York Post said U.S. News & World Report will publish its last regular print edition will be next month.

Kelly wrote:

“All of us at U.S. News Media Group have been aggressively responding to the changing habits in the media marketplace. These latest moves will accelerate our ability to grow our online businesses and position ourselves to take advantage of the emerging platforms for distributing information.”

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