Top Ten Funny Anti Westboro Baptist Church Signs [Pictures]

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dog loves fags

In our free country, some repulsive ideas and behaviors are protected by the constitution. When it comes to the picketers from the Westboro Baptist Church, who go to funerals and taunt bereaved relatives of  fallen soldiers, there is one potent weapon. Ridicule isolates such hateful people as the Phelps family and provides reassurance to the intended targets of the Westboro Baptist Church.

The Phelps family picket signs, with their retro graphic style are already familiar to the millions of Americans who follow the Phelps family freak show. (one protester said that the Phelps family signs looked pretty gay.) Less known are some of the creative picket signs. Here are some of the top 10.

1. God hates bowties.

2.Corduroy Skirts are a sin. (Next to a Phelps family protestor in a corduroy skirt.)

3.Dog Loves Fags (Worn by a dog)

4.God hates Figs. (It actually quotes Christian scripture)

5. God hates Gaga. (I couldn’t tell if this was Phelps or anti Phelps.

6. God hates Jedi.

7. God hates  signs.

8. One picture shows signs that sat “Build Prisons On The Moon” and “Where’s Waldo?”

9. The San Francisco Chronicle showed a guy in an elaborate tree costume with a sign that said “Trees Hate Bigots.”

10. Of course, the one sign that summed up the feelings of a lot of people said “I can’t believe we still have to protest this crap”

I was at a Westboro Baptist Church demonstration in front of a synagogue. There were a lot of young people there admiring each other’s picket signs. From what I could see It was a great place for Jewish guys and girls to meet that special someone. I wonder how many people are dating who met at a Westboro Baptist Church demonstration? How many people married someone who was carrying a funny picket sign? You never know.

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Mike W
Mike W

These people will be protesting near my house on Tuesday 12-14. I would like to infultrait their group to get a picture taken with a sign saying protesters are fags or God hates protesters. Never seen a protest so I don't know how hard it will be to infultrait the group. Would be much fun though.

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