Top 10 Ugliest Cities in America

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Travel + Leisure Magazine just released their annual list of America’s favorite cities. They ranked cities in many different categories, including food, friendliness, culture, and museums. They also ranked the 10 cities with the sexiest people, as well as the 10 cities with the ugliest cities.

You can see the top 10 sexiest cities here, or scroll down to find out where the ugliest people reside.

Here is the list of the top 10 ugliest cities according to Travel + Leisure Magazine.

10.) Santa Fe

Ugliest Cities in America

Santa Fe also ranked No. 1 for both culture and peace and quiet, and No. 4 for being relaxing.

9.) Kansas City, MO

Ugliest Cities in America

Kansas was also ranked 21st in smarts, but No. 2 for barbecue.

8.) Houston

Ugliest Cities in America

In 2009, Houston was ranked the 8th most attractive city. What happened?

7.) Portland, ME

Ugliest Cities in America

Portland ranked No. 5 for a microbrews.

6.) Washington, D.C.

Ugliest Cities in America

D.C. ranked No. 2 in culture.

5.) OrlandoUgliest Cities in America

Orlando was ranked the No. 1 spot for family vacations.

4.) Anchorage

Ugliest Cities in America

Anchorage ranked No. 32 for people-watching, but No. 12 for public parks.

3.) Philadelphia

Ugliest Cities in America

Philadelphia has the 4th best pizza in America.

2.) Baltimore

Ugliest Cities in America

Baltimore ranks No. 34 for people-watching, public parks, and safety, and 21st for microbrews.

1.) Memphis

Ugliest Cities in America

According to T+L, Memphis is the ugliest city in America. On the bright side, Memphis ranked No. 1 for its barbecue.

You can compare your favorite cities here, or check out the 10 sexiest cities in America here.

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