Happy National Unfriend Day; 5 Reasons That Justify Facebook Unfriending

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national unfriend day

Today is the first annual National Unfriend Day. Or at least it is if you listen, and obey, what Jimmy Kimmel says. Kimmel declared November 17th National Unfriend Day, saying that it was time to cut some “friend fat.” (Video below.)

A lot of people have excess friends on Facebook, but don’t unfriend anyone because they think it’s rude, or it will hurt somebody’s feelings. That might be true, but it’s also necessary. Here are five reasons that justify a Facebook unfriending.

5.) Too much racist, homophobic, hate speech.

You didn’t know your uncle was racist, did you? Becoming someone’s Facebook friend can reveal a lot of new information. If you don’t like seeing racial slurs, the racist friend is an easy unfriend choice.

4.) Your ex

You probably don’t want to see pictures of your ex and their new boyfriend or girlfriend. And guess what, they probably don’t want to see pictures of you either. Deciding to unfriend your ex is probably a decision that both of you can agree on.

3.) Superusers

Some people like Facebook a little too much. If you have a “friend” that floods your wall with messages. Or who invites you to a million groups and events. It might be time to cut them loose.

2.) Sad sacks

Do you have a friend on Facebook who only posts negative messages. They hate just about everything, and probably you too. Negativism is contagious, so unfriend this person quick.

1.) The number one reason to unfriend someone on National Unfriend Day is… You aren’t friends.

If you don’t know someone, don’t talk to someone, and don’t care about what’s going on in their life, then why are you friends with them? You don’t have to be friends with your brother’s friend’s sister’s father’s business partner’s nephew. And they don’t have to be friends with you either.

The amount of friends you have on Facebook isn’t a status symbol. So don’t be afraid to cut some friend fat.

Oh, which reminds me, now that you have all this extra friend space on Facebook, make sure to add Indyposted as a friend. Happy National Unfriend Day!

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