8% Of US Internet Users On Twitter


The Pew Internet And American Life Project recently did a study of over 2500 people and found that 8% use Twitter. Below is an infographic of how they spend their time on Twitter and also the frequency of it:

  • 62% post updates about their work-life and activities, and 12% post about that on a daily basis.
  • 55% share links to stories, 12% at least once per day.
  • 54% tweet humorous or life in general, 16% said so daily.
  • 53% of users retweet which is when a Twitter user shares what another says or posts.
  • 52% DM (direct message) other Twitter users.
  • 40% share photos.

If you use Twitter, how often do you spend time on it?

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RichTucker - CruiseSource.us
RichTucker - CruiseSource.us

I'm connected to Twitter all day via Hootsuite Mobile App or Hootsuite on my desktop.... Monitoring multiple accounts and responding to all @ replies and DMs... Once a month I take 1 whole day off from the internet....

Mike Stenger
Mike Stenger

I'm pretty much the same way Rich. Use Hootsuite on my desktop, but UberTwitter on my phone more so than Hootsuite Mobile. The take a whole day off every month, that doesn't sound like a bad idea :-)

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