Top 10 TV-Inspired Tattoos


Think you love your favorite TV show? You’re not a fan until your devotion is permanently set in ink. From beautiful to funny to downright strange, these ten tattoos all have one thing in common: their owners can’t get enough of their favorite programming.

Oblongs Tattoo

10. Oblongs Tattoo – Most people haven’t seen The Oblongs, but it does have a cult following even though there are less than 20 episodes. See the original tattoo on Check Out My Ink.

Rugrats Tattoo

9. Rugrats Tattoo – No matter how much you loved the show as a kid, I’m not sure what justifies a tattoo of Chuckie. But hey, to each their own! Check out this tattoo closer here.

I love Lucy tattoo

8. I Love Lucy Tattoo – This person has some ‘splaining to do! See original tattoo on Check Out My Ink.

Buffy Tattoo

7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Tattoo – Buffy may long be over, but the show lives on with fans as dedicated as this person. You can read a ton of comments on it (and about the artist) on this fan website.

Trek Tattoo

6. Star Trek Tattoo – Whether you like the tv shows or the movies or both, you have to admit that this is one of the best Trek tattoos around. Check it out more closely here.

Alf Tattoo

5. Alf Tattoo – Alf was one of my favorite shows growing up, and this rendition by Alex at Armadillo Reds in Kissimmee, FL is awesome. See the original tattoo on Check Out My Ink.

Bill Cosby Tattoo

4. Bill Cosby Tattoo – Fan of The Cosby Show? Fan of jello pudding popsickles? Combining them into one tattoo gives you top honors as “strangest tattoo I’ve seen in a long time.”  (Couldn’t find the artist to credit, comment below if this is you!)

South Park Butters Tattoo

3. South Park Tattoo – I love this rendition of Butters by Kelly Doty. Check out her work here.

Fresh Prince tattoo

2. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Tattoo – I couldn’t stop giggling when I saw this tattoo, and immediately had to prove to myself that I can still sing all the words to the theme song. It was done by Christopher Allen of Divine Machine Tattoo and you can see more info about it here.

Golden Girls tattoo

1. Golden Girls Tattoo – Not only is this devotion to the four leading ladies of Golden Girls, but the tattoo is extremely well done. I couldn’t find info on the artist, so if this is you, let me know!

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