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There’s a magazine for absolutely every topic on Earth, But there are so many food magazines that it can be hard to decide which ones to subscribe to. With everything from celebrity chefs to black-and-white photos to big glossies, which one is right for you? Here’s the list of top 10 food magazines that will teach you how to cook and where to go to get good food.

10. Bon Appetit. An absolute classic. This “food and entertaining” magazine is published every month and has been around since 1956. It’s likely to continue gaining in popularity now that its sister magazine Gourmet has stopped publishing.

Cook's Illustrated

9. Cook’s Illustrated. This cooking magazine is published every other month and is mainly black-and-white. One of the amazing things about Cook’s Illustrated is that is has no advertisements. Editors extensively test every single recipe in the magazine to find the absolute best techniques. There’s also a companion show with founder and editor Chris Kimball.

8. Martha Stewart Living. This magazine focuses on the domestic arts, of course. With a plethora of recipes and cooking techniques, you can learn how to cook like Martha Stewart. The magazine comes out every month and has been around since 1990.

Cuisine at Home

7. Cuisine at Home. A lesser known cooking magazine, Cuisine at home is one of the very best.  It doesn’t contain any advertisements and is filled with step-by-step recipes for some of the most delicious dishes you’ve ever seen.

6. Every Day with Rachael Ray. This magazine launched in 2006 and contains tons of recipes from the queen of 30-minute meals, Rachael Ray. It’s also filled with fun tips and colorful products. In addition to being a cooking resource, it’s a highly entertaining magazine.

Everyday Food

5. Everyday Food. Another magazine from Martha Stewart, this digest-size cooking magazine launched in 2003, contains recipes that are much more simple than you’d think Martha Stewart would come up with. They don’t generally contain many ingredients are are easy enough for anyone to make.

Cooking Light

4. Cooking Light. This healthy living magazine has been around since 1987 and contains lots of recipe ideas that aren’t filled with fat and calories. It also has tons of tips about nutrition, working out, and healthy lifestyles.

Food & Wine magazine

3. Food & Wine. Founded in 1978, this magazine’s focus is on both food and wine. It contains lots of recipes, as well as information on the perfect wine pairings. It also gives you lots of ideas for fantastic culinary trips and the world’s best restaurants.

2. Saveur. This gourmet food and wine magazine began in 1996 and while it’s not one of the most known food magazines, it’s incredibly successful. The magazine has been awarded 3 American Society of Magazine Editors awards and 15 James Beard journalism awards.

Food Network Magazine

1. Food Network Magazine. Of course, the Food Network would have to come out with their own magazine. And this is a must-have for any fan of the network and its various celebrity chefs. The magazine is packed with recipes, and each month you’re sure to get something from your favorite chefs, whether its recipes, their favorite culinary destinations, or their best tips.

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