The 10 Best Nude Scenes of 2010 [Photos]


Award season has begun with the announcement of the 2011 Golden Globe nominations, and many actresses will be awarded for their fine performances. Mr. Skin is also giving out awards, but the adult website is limiting its selection to only the best nude performances.

So what are the “10 Best Nude Scenes” of 2010? Here is the list according to Mr. Skin.

10.) Jessica Alba in “The Killer Inside Me.”

Nude Scene

Why was it one of the best nude scenes of the year? It was the first time Jessica Alba appeared naked in a movie.

9.) Violante Placido in “The American”

Nude Scene in "The American"

Violante Placido may not be well known, but getting nude on camera runs in her family. “Her mom, Simonetta Stefanelli, got naked in ‘The Godfather,’ so it’s nice to see Placido following in the footsteps of greatness,” Mr. Skin said.

8.) Kirsten Dunst in “All the Good Things”

All the Good Things

Dunst is another actress making her topless debut. “We always imagined she’d look good topless, but never this good,” said Mr. Skin.

7.) Mary-Louise Parker in “Weeds”

Nude Scenes in Weeds

“Parker has gotten naked in ‘Weeds’ before, but nothing as wild as this sex scene.”

6.) Rebecca Creskoff in “Hung”


It isn’t strange for “Hung” to have nudity,” but this slow sensual scene with Creskoff let viewers get truly intimate with her.

5.) Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore in “Chloe”

Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore

“It’s a rare kitten on cougar moment.”

4.) Anne Hathaway in “Love and Other Drugs”

Anne Hathaway

“She’s an A-lister who’s naked for a huge part of this movie. She’s come a long way from her Disney princess days in ‘The Princess Diaries.”

3.) Paz de la Huerta in “Boardwalk Empire”

Paz de la Huerta

Mr Skin. couldn’t pick a scene in this movie. Huerta gets nominated for her entire nude performance in the movie.

2.) Jessica Pare in “Hot Tub Time Machine”

Jessica Pare

Pare earned a role on “Mad Men” shortly after her topless stint in “Hot Tub Time Machine.”

1.) Kelly Brook and Riley Steele in “Piranha 3D”

“This scene was hard to top. Forget the quality of the movie, the quality of the nude scene was spectacular and stood out far above the rest. The fact that it was in 3-D added even more thrill to the scene.”

If you want to see the nude images, or the actual nude scenes, visit Mr.

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