Fake Rape Report by Heidi Jones Won’t Get Her Jailed


Heidi Jones Weather Woman for ABC in NYC Marathon
Weathergirl for WABC-TV and sometimes Good Morning America, Heidi Jones, says she made up a story about her rape. She has been suspended from her job while the charge is investigated.

Heidi Jones falsely reported to the police that a Hispanic man attacked her and tried to rape her in Central Park. Later, when police talked with her about inconsistencies, Heidi Jones admitted that she made the stories up.

On NBC Today, they talk about what would motivate Jones to make up the rape story.

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Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said of Jones:

“She stated that she had some personal problems and that, in fact, the information she had given to the police initially was incorrect.”

Heidi Jones was charged with a misdemeanor and could face up to a year in prison if she’s found guilty, but it’s unlikely the high profile woman will see time behind bars.

Source: Popcrunch

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