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In the first installment of our two-part series of strange monthly observances we covered everything from exotic fruit to Deep-Vein Thrombosis. Now we’re back to bring you more oddness in celebrations and remembrances in part two of our top 10 odd monthly observances.

National Bath Safety Month

10. National Bath Safety Month

How often do you stop to think, “am I bathing safely?” Probably not very often. But come January you might want to think twice. Approximately 370 people in the United States suffer bathing-related injuries, some fatal, every day. But never fear, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services has published a list of things you can do to ensure your bathroom is safe.

Grapefruit Month

9. Grapefruit Month

Ah, grapefruit. You can eat it, you can juice it, you can slather it on your face, and you can mess up your medications by adding it to your diet. For all its ups and downs, February is a time to observe National Grapefruit Month in appreciation, and some cases trepidation, of that mouth-puckering citrus treat.

National Kite Month

8. National Kite Month

“Go fly a kite!” Literally. The American Kitefliers Association and the Kite Trade Association International encourage everyone to fly a kite to usher in spring (in one hemisphere, at least) weather in April. With a lofty (something of a pun, if you think about it) goal of seeing 600 kite-related events celebrated around the world during April, the National Kite Month Headquarters is on full alert when Kite Month arrives.

National Vinegar Month

7. National Vinegar Month

More mouth puckering, this time in May. From cleaning your house to combating head and chest colds to making delicious salads, vinegar is a very versatile substance. Sure, some of its famed healing properties come with little scientific proof, but that doesn’t stop enthusiasts from celebrating vinegar year-round. The least we can do, I suppose, is chime in for one month.

National Dairy Alternative Month

6. National Dairy Alternative Month

June is the time to experiment with soy, rice, almond, or any other dairy substitute that can be used as milk or make a relatively tasty ice cream. The month calls attention to dairy allergies and lactose intolerance, and helps educate people about alternatives. It’s also a month that makes the majority of people just say “yuck”.

National Family Reunion Month

5. National Family Reunion Month

National Family Reunion Month is the subject of massive amounts of confusion. Officially, it’s celebrated between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, by decree of Congress, as a time to reunite runaways with their families. Those with commercial interests, such as professional reunion planners, declare the month for celebrating those most dysfunctional of family events to be August. The prevailing month, however, may just be July, with a host of social organizations promoting family reunions during that time.

Golf Month

4. Golf Month

If you’ve ever scrambled for an excuse to play hookie and go golfing, August is your dream time – it’s Golf Month, when everyone is encouraged to show their love for the popular sport. This is another hotly contested month, with July also topping the list. It seems as though golf enthusiasts are determined to choose months that are, in much of the world, ridiculously, unbearably hot to get outdoors and get swinging.

Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month

3. Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month

During September we observe Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month – and by “we”, I mean the two or three people who’ve ever heard of it. Still, as a writer and an editor, I think it’s a rather charming idea. Where would we be without the written word?

Cut Out Dissection Month

2. Cut Out Dissection Month

If you’re one of those people – like PETA – who feel that dissection in schools is cruel, then October is your time to shine. And did you know that the marvels of technology now allow for virtual dissections without the need to actually carve up a dead thing?

National Banana Pudding Lovers Month

1. National Banana Pudding Lovers Month

It’s a classic Southern dessert, but in November banana pudding can be embraced by the entire country. In case you want to get a head start, the chefs at the Food Network have prepared a whopping 42 banana pudding recipes – that’s (obviously) more than one recipe per every day of this yummy observance. Just don’t blame them, or us, for your waistline come December.

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