WABC-TV’s Heidi Jones Now Says She Never Cried Rape

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Heidi Jones Running in NYC Marathon

Whatever is going on in Heidi Jones life right now just seems to be getting worse with each passing moment.

First, the WABC-TV/Channel 7 weather forecaster was reported to have filed a report that she was almost raped in Central Park. Then when police questioned her about her allegations, she seemed to change her story and said she wasn’t raped.

Now, Jones told her lawyer to get the word out that she didn’t tell police she was the victim of an attempted rape.

The lawyer says the characterization of the case as a ‘false rape claim’ is an attempted character assassination.

Last Monday, Jones got a citation from the police for false reporting. Jones was given a desk appearance ticket. The charge is a misdemeanor and she was scheduled to appear in court Jan. 15.  If convicted, she could face a year in prison and fines.

WABC suspended Jones indefinitely while they conduct an internal investigation.

Source: MediaBistro

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