Princess Diana’s Ex-Butler, Paul Burrell, Warns Kate Middleton


Kate Middleton & Prince William Announce Engagement

To the outside world the engagement between Kate Middleton and Prince William seem like the perfect fairy tale. That doesn’t seem to be the case for Paul Burrell, the former butler for the late Princess Diana. Burrell is warning Middleton to “be careful.”

Burrell said:

“Nothing has changed in the royal household since the time of Queen Victoria, and it remains a very old-fashioned house. Be careful, Kate. Try to draw on the experiences of your late mother-in-law and understand that not everyone in the royal household has your best interests at heart.”

In an interview with Australia’s “New Idea,” Burrell offered up five things that Middleton could learn from the late Diana’s experience with the royals.

He suggests that Middleton should just be herself. Many people try to emulate the late Diana and she doesn’t need to.

Burrell said:

“Just be yourself and you’ll be a marvelous princess.”

He also said not to be afraid of the Queen, because she’s the “friendliest” and “most approachable ladies.”

He added:

“The way to her heart is through her corgis, so accompany her on walks often.”

Middleton should make friends with the palace’s staff downstairs because “downstairs makes upstairs work.”

Middleton will need to choose what she says wisely and get help from Prince William when she isn’t sure. He’s smart when it comes to the press so he will be able to guide Middleton as she learns how to deal with them.

Burrell had one last tip for Middleton:

“It’s not the royal family who are the snobs at Buckingham Palace. The real snobs are the people who work on behalf of them.”

Burrell worked for Princess Diana for 10 years until her tragic death in 1997. The 52-year-old was accused of betraying her when he wrote a series of tell-all books. He also had a hard time restoring his reputation when he was acquitted of stealing from her estate in 2002.

The couple will marry at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011.

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