Top 10 Top 10 Lists of 2010

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2010 is almost over, but before it goes, let’s take a look at some of the best stories, events, videos, and trends of 2010. Here are the top 10 top 10 lists of 2010 on

The Strangest Stories of 2010

strange stories

A bearded woman, deep fried beer, a death predicting cat… 2010 was full of strange stories. Here is a list of the strangest stories of 2010.

The 10 Most Memorable Quotes of 2010

stupid quotes

People said a lot of stupid things in 2010. From Christine O’Donnell’s proclamation that she isn’t a witch, to Tony Hayward saying that he “wants his life back” after the BP oil spill, here are the 10 most memorable quotes of 2010.

The 10 Most Wasteful Government Programs of 2010

Wasteful government programs

The government wasted a lot of money this year. They spent millions on unneeded printing, on archiving Grateful Dead music, and on studying the habits of World of Warcraft players. I wonder what we’ll waste money on in 2011? Here are the 10 most wasteful government programs of 2010.

The 10 Most Pirated Movies of 2010 / The 10 Highest Grossing Movies of 2010

most pirated movies

We watched a lot of movies in 2010. We also watched a lot of movies illegally. Here are the 10 highest grossing movies of the year, and the 10 most pirated movies of the year.

The 10 Best Paid iPhone Apps / The 10 Best Free iPhone Apps

iphone apps

Angry Birds was the top paid app of 2010, but was beat out by Facebook in the free app category. Here are the best apps of the year according to Apple. [Top Ten Free iPhone Apps / Top Ten Paid iPhone Apps]

Top 10 Oprah’s Favorite Things of 2010


Oprah is ending her run as the queen of daytime talk this year, but she sure went out with a bang. Here are Oprah’s top 10 favorite things for 2010.

The Most Retweeted Tweets of 2010

most retweeted tweets

Twitter gave out its first Golden Tweet Award out this year to the man with the most retweeted tweet. The winner? Mr. Stephen Colbert. Here are the 10 most retweeted tweets of 2010.

The 10 Best Nude Scenes of 2010


2010 was a great year for boobs. Stars like Jessica Alba, Kirsten Dunst, and Anne Hathaway got naked for the cameras this year. Here are the 10 best nude scenes of the 2010.

Top 10 Words of 2010


How would you define 2010? With the word austerity? According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, austerity is the word that best represents 2010. Here are the top 10 words of 2010.

The 10 Most Ridiculous Records Set in 2010

ridiculous records

Have you ever wondered how many bananas you can fit in your pants at one time? How about how many backflips you can do in one minute? Here are the 10 most ridiculous records set in 2010.

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