Pocket eDGe: Read, Write, Surf


ces 2011

Why make a choice between a tablet and an eReader when you can have both? Pocket eDGe Dualbooks give you the best of both worlds with their sleek combination of an eReader and a tablet.

The Dualbooks currently come in two different sizes. The 10.75 inch enTourage eDGe and the 7.5 inch Pocket eDGe. Both give you a tablet for surfing, and an eReader for reading and writing.

Running on Linux with Google Android, the Dualbook works great if you are using one function at a time, or if you are simultaneously surfing the web while reading a book. The Dualbook can display color images from your eBooks on the tablet side of the device, or you can view web pages in black and white for easy reading on the eBook side of the device.

You can also search online for a phrase selected from an eBook, take notes directly on your eReader, and take pictures or video with the 3 megapixel (2 mega pixel on the smaller version) camera. Both models have 4GB of internal memory, but include USB ports and SD card slots for expanding your memory capacity.

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