MSI Vacuum Gets Shown Off At CES 2011, First Seen At Computex


MSI iCleaner

The MSI Vacuum Line was first spotted this past June at Computex and a Q1 2011 release date was hinted at, now MSI has rolled out the Roomba competitor at CES 2011, giving us more of a reason to believe in a Q1 2011 street date.

The units come in three flavors: M800 Smart Vacuum Robot, the R500 Slim Vacuum Robot, and the R1300 Security Vacuum Robot, the last of which features a camera with internet connectivity to provide a bit of surveillance when you are not at home.

The units start at $150 (R500), then $450 (M800) and $600 if you want to add in the security capabilities of the R1300.

MSI launches their products in markets outside North America, so hopefully the delay to reach state side won’t be too great.

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