Enspert IDENTITY S200 Android Media Hub Previewed At CES 2011


Enspert IDENTITY S200 Android Media Hub

Let the Google Android vs. iPad wars begin. CES 2011 is the stomping ground for Android Tablets and Enspert has taken that momentum to bring us the IDENTITY S200, a tablet that allows users to manage and control media at various devices around their home.

The tablet takes advantage of Service Over Internet Protocol” also known as SoIP. Users can download applications and content from the Android Market to the tablet or they can choose to push the apps out to other connected devices attached to the unit. Available push devices including notebook computers, tablets and even TV sets.

The unit also offers VoIP calling and works on the cloud and via your home network. Users can even choose to monitor their more advanced home appliances over the application.

In terms of connectivity the Enspert IDENTITY S200 offers WiFi, Bluetooth, DLNA and other standards.

The unit isn’t set for a North American release for at least several months, however South Korean customers will be able to pick them up this coming January.

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