House Of Marley Brings Really Cool Eco-Friendly Headphones Line To CES


Marley Booth - CES 2011

The House Of Marley is a joint-venture company that works with the family of music legend Bob Marley to bring eco-friendly headphones to the electronics market and what they lack in environmental damage is also made up for in sleek, cool and retro designs.

HoMedics teamed up with the Marley family to create the line which is made up of three separate headphone types, the Jammin’, Freedom and Destiny lines. We had the pleasure of witnessing the audio equipment at CES 2011.

Between the lines you’ll find earbuds, headphones, docking stations, speakers with earbuds and boomboxes.

For high-end music listening we’ll direct you towards the Freedom line, while the Destiny earbuds and headphones are great for professional quality sound.

Keeping with the Marley family spirit, part of the proceeds for each headset sold will go to beneift an organization that works to spread the message of unity and peace.

Here are a few photos from the line:

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