Dutch Coffee Shop Fined For Selling the Wrong Kind of Tea

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A Dutch coffee shop owner has been busted for selling too much of the wrong kind of tea. Meddie Willem, owner of  the Checkpoint Coffee shop was checked once too often and found to be stocking way too much cannabis. Stores selling  marijuana are allowed to only keep about 18 ounces on their premises. Willem went over that limit, way over the limit. The BBC reports:

“On a couple of occasions, police found 200kg (440lb) of cannabis when they raided the coffee house. Willemsen was sentenced to 16 weeks in prison, but was released as he had already spent the time in jail ahead of the trial. He and his staff were convicted of breaking drugs laws, exporting drugs and membership of a criminal organisation.”

The Netherlands has been reexamining its lenient treatment of drugs and the sex trade in Amsterdam and in other Dutch cities. The 10 million Euro fine levied against the Checkpoint Cafe seems to be an expression of this new attitude. A sentence of 16 weeks in prison on the other hand indicates an attitude towards marijuana that differs markedly from the attitude in America and elsewhere.

It seems that after such a hefty fine, Dutch recreational pharmacists will have to find a more discreet location to keep 440 pounds of marijuana if they don’t want to have a lot more overhead expenses.

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