5 Cool Gadgets for 2011

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2011 is just beginning, but we are already seeing some great new gadgets getting release dates. The beginning of the year is a time for tech companies to show off their newest products, to display prototypes, and to wet the consumer’s appetite. Indyposted just got back from CES 2011 and was able to see some of these gadgets first hand. The gadgets on this list, however, will be hitting the market sooner than you think.

The Verizon iPhone


The biggest news in teh tech world recently has been the recent acquisition of the iPhone by Verizon. An iPhone that doesn’t drop calls? Amazing. The iPhone 4 will be available from Verizon in February, and it will have one awesome feature to make it better than the iPhone from ATT. Verizon’s iPhone will be act as a hotspot, which will allow internet access for up to 5 devices.

“No-Glasses-Needed” 3D TV


One of the biggest draw backs to 3D TVs is that you have to wear special glasses. This is an added cost, and eliminates big viewing parties for things like the Super Bowl. Vizio thinks they have the answer with their “passive” 3D TV which doesn’t require glasses. Indyposted got a look at one of these TVs at CES 2011. The concept is very cool and from the right angle the image looks amazing. But move your head a little to the left or right. Stand too close or too far, and the image blurs. These TVs are hitting the market now, but I’d wait until the next generation comes out.

Tough Cameras

tough cameras

If you want to carry a camera with you everywhere, it’s inevitable that it will get dropped, spilled on, or scratched. But with Olympus’s Tough Cameras, you don’t have to worry. Olympus displayed some of its tough cameras at CES this year. These shockproof, freeze-proof, and waterproof cameras don’t have a price point yet, but they should be available in the next few months. Oh, and they also take pretty good pictures with their 14 megapixel sensor and their dual-image stabilization.

Camcorders with Built-in-Projectors


The LCD displays on the back of most cameras have gotten bigger, brighter, and crisper. They offer a clear image of the photo you’ve just taken, but for the most part, it can only be viewed by one person at a time. Sony’s HD Camcorder has a flip out LCD which will be capable of projecting a 60-inch image onto a flat surface. The PJ30V, PJ10, and the PJ50V should all be available in April.

Tablets, Tablets, Tablets


It looked like every company at CES this year was touting a new tablet. ASUS, one of the biggest competitors in the netbook market, is releasing four tablets this year. The first of which will be one of the biggest tablet on the market. The EP121 will be 12 inches, and run Windows 7 Home Premium. You can expect the iPad to get a lot more competition this year, and for consumers to have more viable options when choosing a tablet.

See more cool gadgets for 2011 at Consumer Reports or check out more of Indyposted’s coverage of CES 2011.

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