5 Apple Products of the Future

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Apple has been an innovator in the world of technology for a long time now, but the best is yet to come. Apple has a bunch of patents pending, which if they go through, could results in a whole new line of Apple products.

Apple is working on things like the iBike, the iKey, and the solar-powered iPhone. Jack Purcher of Patently Apple says that what separates Apple from other companies, is there CEO Steve Jobs. Purcher said:

“Many have asked me why I think that Apple is more innovative than others. I usually answer that question the same way each time. I’m not sure that they are on a technical level. The difference is that Apple has an inspired leader and CEO who, for decades, has had a real vision of where technology should go.

“Jobs’s vision for the digital lifestyle a decade ago is still on a roll. It’s innovation at its finest. But it began with a vision — and that’s the difference.”

Click through the gallery to see some of the coolest Apple products of the future.

You can see more products that should hit the shelves in the near future here.

[Source: Mashable.com]

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