NASA Unveils the Future of Planes [Gallery]

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future plane

Passenger planes have gotten bigger and safer over the years, but planes could see a massive overhaul in the near future. NASA has unveiled three concept planes that were designed to be extremely energy efficient. These new planes are just concepts now, but they could hit the skyway by the year 2025.

These concepts were designed Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and The Boeing Company. Each concept was awarded a contract from NASA at the end of 2010 to research and build their planes.

NASA has strict guidelines that each plane must live up to. NASA said:

“Each design has to fly up to 85 percent of the speed of sound; cover a range of approximately 7,000 miles; and carry between 50,000 and 100,000 pounds of payload, either passengers or cargo. For the rest of this year, each team will be exploring, testing, simulating, keeping and discarding innovations and technologies to make their design a winner.”

Northrop Grunman’s design for the plane of the future.

future plane

Lockheed Martin’s design for the plane of the future.

plane of the future

Boeing’s design for the plane of the future.

future plane

Think those designs are cool. Here is a gallery of some other future plane concepts.

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