Smugglers Use Catapult to Launch Drugs Over Border [Video]


drug smugglers

Driving over the border has proven a little too risky. Smugglers tried digging tunnels, but many of them have been discovered by law enforcement. So what now? How about catapults? A group of smugglers were caught on a remote video surveillance system using a catapult to launch marijuana over the border.

Here’s the video.

The National Guard noticed the strange activity while operating a remote camera system at the Naco Border Patrol Station. The National Guard contacted Mexican Authorities, who were able to disrupt the catapult operation.

The Mexican officials were not able to catch any of the culprits, but did confiscate 45 pounds of marijuana, an SUV, and the catapult.

Associate Chief Jose Cruz said:

“The Border Patrol’s partnerships with Mexican authorities, the National Guard and the public enhance our efforts to address and disrupt the organized drug trafficking threat at the border and serves to degrade the capabilities of transnational criminal organizations. With their continued support and that of the public, we will continue to more effectively address threats before they cross the International Boundary.”

[Source: KVOA]

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