Rahm Emanuel is Back on the Ballot: Illinois Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Emanuel


Rahm Emanuel will be running for Mayor this year. The residency battle made its way all the way up to the Illinois Supreme Court, but in the end, Emanuel will be on the Illinois Mayoral ballot.

Earlier this week, the Illinois Appellate Court ruled that Emanuel would not be able to run for Mayor because he was not an Illinois resident. The Supreme Court, however, overturned this ruling today, saying that Emanuel always intended to have his home in Chicago, and was therefore eligible to run for mayor. (You can read the full ruling here.)

The courts decicion reads:

“This is a situation in which, not only did the candidate testify that his intent was not to abandon his Chicago Residence, his acts fully support and confirm that intent.

This is likely the end of the residency debate for Rahm Emanuel, but there is a chance that Rahm’s opponents will appeal to the Federal Supreme Court.

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