Microsoft Warns of Critical Browser Security Bug


Internet Explorer Pinata
The software giant has issued a “critical” warning to users of its Windows operating system as a security flaw has been recently discovered by its researchers.

In its warning, Microsoft said that the security hole in Windows could be used by malicious hackers to steal private information or hijack computers for other nefarious deeds.

Though the flaw is actually inside Windows, it is linked to the way Internet Explorer handles some web pages and documents. With an estimated 900 million users of Internet Explorer, the security flaw is a priority for Microsoft.

Angela Gunn, a Microsoft representative, described how the flaw works in an announcement at the company’s official corporate security response blog:

“When the user clicked that link, the malicious script would run on the user’s computer for the rest of the current Internet Explorer session.

Such a script might collect user information, e.g e-mail, spoof content displayed in the browser or otherwise interfere with the user’s experience.”

In the meantime, Microsoft has issued a security patch that will block any attempts to exploit the flaw, though the the flaw itself has not yet been removed.

Image by Javier Aroche, under Creative Commons License

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