Average Price for Super Bowl Tickets? Close to $5000

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Do you want to go to the Super Bowl? Get ready to fork over about $5000 for tickets. Tickets for this year’s Super Bowl have a face value of $600-$1200 dollars, but they are reselling for nearly five times as much.

FanSnap.com, an internet search engine that compares ticket prices from around the country, has the average price for Super Bowl tickets at $4,683. Don’t have $4,683 to spend on Super Bowl tickets, you can get cheap seats for about $2,300. And if you really want to get a good seat at the game, Premier Club tickets are selling for close to $8000.

Last year’s Super Bowl didn’t fetch quiet as high of a price. Bloomberg reports that the average price for last year’s Super Bowl was about as much as the cheapest tickets for this year’s game. Tickets to the Indianapolis Colts / New Orleans Saints game had an average resale value of $2,420.

Can’t afford Super Bowl tickets? Well, at least you can see the 2011 Super Bowl commercials for free.

[Source: Bloomberg, Fansnap]

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