Women Turned On By Dogs, Not Smartphones: Report


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Guys,  if you’re still looking for a date for Valentine’s, leave the cell phone geeked out with all the latest apps at home or tucked away unobtrusively in your jacket. But bring your canine companion if you have one.

According to a “Gadgetology” report by consumer electronics website Retrevo.com,  only 36% of women in the 35-and-under age group were impressed by someone with a “cool” smartphone. Get a dog instead, Retrevo advises. Walking a dog is a better way to attract women, the study findings indicated.

On the other hand (no pun intended), about 50% of men admitted they found someone with a new smartphone more attractive or interesting.

There was also an income differential: the higher a person’s income, “the more that person is attracted to other people with cool gadgets and the less attracted to artistic types, people with tattoos or outdated phones.”

Interestingly, both sexes indicated that reading a book was more attractive than lugging around an iPad. Also on the unpopular list: Bluetooth headphones and phone holsters.

Retrevo concludes that “it turns out, most noticeably among under 35 year olds, that people’s gadgets are being checked out everywhere they go and people’s perceptions are, in fact, influenced by them.”

Data for the report came from an online survey of about 1,000 persons across various demographic groups and categories.

[Read More: Retrevo.com]

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