Who Really Cares? Apple Succession Plan Shot Down By Shareholders, Board


Apple Big Wigs Steve Jobs and Tim Cook

If for one second Apple Shareholders have not been convinced that Tim Cook will take over the job of CEO should Steve Jobs step down permanently they are fooling themselves, that’s why it was odd today to learn that those very company shareholders have shot down plans to reveal a succession plan.

The vote, which took place at Apple’s annual meeting on Wednesday was proposed by the Laborers’ International Union.

It wasn’t just shareholders who objected to the call for action, Apple’s own board shot down the plan, although Apple’s top brass has mentioned in the past that they do have an executive succession plan, should anything happen to any member at the top of the company’s food chain.

Less we forget, Tim Cook managed to lead Apple through some of their biggest profit gains in decades when Jobs last had to step down, it would be surprising to hear that Jobs would be replaced by anyone other than Cook.

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