Kate Middleton’s Sister Could Be Lady-In-Waiting


On April 29 Kate Middleton won’t just be getting a husband, but she’ll also have her own right hand woman, known as a lady-in-waiting.

The job of lady-in-waiting will almost always go to a really close friend or relative. There’s been a lot of talk that Middleton’s sister, Pippa, is the first choice for the important role, but nothing is official… yet.

Judy Wade, royal watcher and author told People Magazine:

“Diana didn’t use her sisters until years into the job. Up until then she had someone who was steeped in the royal background, and Kate might do the same. If Pippa does do it, it will likely be on a part-time basis.”

For a while now Middleton has received quite a bit of help from Helen Asprey who is an assistant in Prince William and Prince Harry’s office. She was also on hand for Middleton’s first joint engagement with her fiancé just last week at St. Andrews.

Asprey was on hand to help carry the followers that people were handing over to Middleton and attend to any needs the future princess might have.

It’s hard to say who will take on the role of lady-in-the-waiting, but it’s possible that Asprey will take on the role since she’s “already working in the office,” according to Wade.

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