The Rudest City in the World? Manchester, England

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Some cities are known for their architecture, their food, or their museums, but Manchester, England, has a different title. The World’s rudest city. Foursquare has just named the 20 rudest cities in the world, and Manchester comes out on top.

Foursquare used date from user check-ins to compile a list of the 20 rudest cities in the English speaking world. Foursquare said that they calculated the amount of times users used dirty language in their log-ins to compile the list. So maybe world’s rudest city isn’t an appropriate title for Manchester. Maybe the most foul mouthed city in the world would work better.

Foursquare said that .016 percent of Foursquare users in Manchester used curse words while checking in.

Manchester may claim the title of world’s rudest city, but the United States is definitely the world’s rudest country. 18 of the top 10 rudest cities were in America. El Paso, Texas, took the number two spot.

Here are the 20 rudest cities in the world, according to Foursquare.

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