Marathon Runner Goes On 30 Day McDonald’s Diet

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McRunner - Joe D'Amico

Joe D’Amico loves to run, in fact at the age of 36-years-old he will be competing in his 15th marathon later this month and he’ll be doing it after surviving on a diet of nothing but McDonald’s.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times D’Amico says of his temporary diet:

“My wife told me I was crazy,” while adding “but I love McDonald’s and I love running, and this was a great way to combine the two.”

It should be noted that this hobbyist runner is no slouch when it comes to marathons with a personal best of two hours and 36 minutes.

For his diet he will eat a breakfast everyday consisting of orange juice, hot cakes and an Egg McMuffin, followed by a lunch featuring a grilled chicken sandwich and a Coke and then for dinner a burger, fries and cookies.

Along with his diet the “McRunner” will also enjoy water throughout the day, a multivitamin and energy gel.

D’Amico who blogs at says:

“I’m not trying to prove anyone wrong or make any kind of political statement.” He goes on to add, “But I’ve been eating McDonald’s since I was a kid. In a way, I’ve been practicing for this my whole life.”

It’s like watching a healthier version of Supersize Me.

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