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Easter is just around the corner – pretty soon your yard will be filled with little people hunting for eggs, and big people hunting for something good to eat. You’ll be able to keep everybody happy if you check out these websites first – games and activities, colouring pages and quizzes, and tons of ideas for Easter treats, Easter meals and Easter drinks!

  1. The Australian site says it best, “There are two Easters – the children’s wonderland of bunnies and chocolates; and the serious symbolism of long-held traditions. Either way, it’s a time for family and food.” Check out this site to learn the history of Easter, and for a great selection of Easter recipes.
  2. At All Recipes, ham is the star of Easter meals and the site provides tips, cooking techniques and links to make sure your ham dinner is perfect. They tell you the difference between types of ham, how to prepare and cook each type, and include anything else you might need to know (including what to do with the leftovers.)
  3. An older site, EasterBunny has a long list of traditional recipes from countries all over the world: Tsoureki – Easter bread traditional to Greece; Flaounes – Easter Cheese Pies from Cyprus; Mazanec – Easter sweet traditional to Czechoslovakia; Fastelauns Boller – buns traditional to Norway; and the list goes on – Austria, Britain, Germany, Italy… geography AND cooking.
  4. It just isn’t Easter without chocolate, and chocolate-recipes hooks you up with recipes for homemade chocolate Easter eggs, chocolate cream eggs, chocolate nests, chocolate mousse… you get the idea.
  5. From cookies to cupcakes and lots in-between, all with an Easter theme, check out twilightbridge. Rabbit cake? Chocolate nest cake? Praline pound cake? Warning – nothing low-fat here.
  6. Want to let the kids help? AmazingMoms has “Recipes for kids that are easy enough for Scout troops, classrooms and Sunday school classes to prepare in a short period.” It also has stories, games and activities. Everything Easter (Moms know best.)
  7. Want more kid’s crafts, cards, colouring pages, party ideas AND recipes? Check out Kaboose. Tons of stuff to keep you and your little people busy. Try the Easter quiz – see how much you know!
  8. And for all my fitness friends? Eatingwell has an excellent collection of healthy Easter recipes. Entire menus, main dishes (light Quiche Lorraine, grilled salmon, soufflés,) as well as light desserts and treats starring spring berries. Yummy and guilt-free.
  9. For “Smart suppers and laid-back lunch recipes for entertaining over the Easter break,” check out bbcgoodfood. Easter baking, Easter meals, and special menu foods (low-cal, low-fat, low-salt.) Lots of ideas!
  10. And it wouldn’t be a list of recipe websites without epicurious. Grilled leg of lamb with rosemary, garlic and mustard? Cream puffs with lemon-cream filling? Buttermilk spice cake with pear compote and crème fraiche? YUMMMM… I’m outta here…

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Easter Bunny
Easter Bunny

You might also let the kids try some Easter Word Search Puzzles.

Easter Bunny
Easter Bunny

You might also let the kids try some Easter Word Search Puzzles.

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