The World’s Longest Sausage: Italy Makes 2000-Foot Long Sausage

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How big is the world’s longest sausage? Chefs in Italy created a sausage that was nearly 2000 feet long. The Guinness Book of World Record for world’s largest sausage currently belongs to Romania. But Italy’s 1,948-foot sausage beat Romania’s effort by more than 650 feet, and should be officially named  the world’s longest sausage soon.

The sausage wasn’t only extremely long. It was also extremely heavy. Italy’s sausage contained 1,300 lbs of meat.

After the giant sausage was admired, weighed, and photographed, it was cut up into 7,000 sausages and sold to spectators in order to raise money for a local charity.

But the world’s longest sausage isn’t the only enormous food record that Italy lays claim to. Italy is also home of the world’s longest sandwich and the world’s largest flat bread pizza.

[Source: Metro]

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