Barn Find: 1966 Shelby Mustang in Kansas Storage Unit [Video]



Classic car lovers are always scouting old barns and garages in hopes of stumbling on a classic car. These cars are called “barn finds.”

An auctioneer in Kansas has a barn find that will set the rest of the classic car world reeling. He found a 1966 Shelby Mustang.

This car his highly desirable to car collectors:

  • Mustang
  • Muscle car
  • Only 1100 were built
  • It was sold from Carroll Shelby’s personal car lot.

It is an amazing barn find.

Channel 3 reports

Working as an auctioneer for the last 40 years, Bill Fair said he has come across some weird stuff.

“A skull, body parts,” he said.

But Fair said even he wasn’t prepared for what he found recently.

What Fair found was a classic 66 Shelby Mustang one of only 1,100 made, and sold from Carroll Shelby’s personal car lot.

The classic fastback Mustang muscle car was sitting in a pile of junk. It had been stored for 26 years and is reported to be in almost perfect condition.

Similar cars have sold for nearly $2,000,000. With the collectible car market roaring back after the recession, this barn find will no doubt push the upper limits.

The car is owned by  the state of Texas now, because the attorney general ordered the storage unit to be confiscated along with all the property it contained.
Image:  omninate

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