Surfing a ‘Tsunami’ Wave With Crocodiles for 20 Miles [HD Film]


Mother Nature in an angry mood creating eerily like tsunami waves, with crocodiles, riding a high tide and rolling up a river current with 15 foot waves for 20 miles or more.

A chocolate river churning with crocs, debris, trees and claiming occasional lives. The unusual low frequency rumbling roar is heard many miles away, inspiring myths, fables and lore in the predominantly remote regions of the third world countries where they thrive.

These swells and waves are known as tidal bores, with tribes giving them legendary names such as the Qiantang Dragon, Legends of the Benak, The Mascaret and now the Seven Ghosts.

Add to the mix some surfer dudes searching for their dream tube, and you have a great HD Film. Last week we gave you a peak and now we give you a ghostly tube via YouTube. And for more Seven Ghosts HD Films from Rip Curl visit their website.

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