Panetta Says Gruesome bin Laden Death Photo Will Be Released

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CIA director Leon Panetta announced that the death photo of Osama bin Laden will be shown to the public, but the White House made a statement that no decision regarding the death photo had been reached.

Panetta told NBC News the photo

would be presented to the public. The bottom line is that, you know, we got bin Laden and I think we have to reveal to the rest of the world the fact that we were able to get him and kill him.

Reuters asked a White House spokesperson, who contradicted Panetta.

The White House has concerns that the “gruesome” image of a dead bin Laden could be “inflammatory” if viewed by the public.

U.S. officials say the still-secret death photo shows a precision kill shot above his left eye, which blew away part of his skull. He was also shot in the chest, they said.

Source: NBC News

Image: ssoosay


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