Kara DioGuardi: Brownies made me high

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Former American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi has revealed she was “high as a kite” after eating marijuana-laced brownies at Paula Abdul’s house.

The award-winning songwriter – who worked on the television talent show with Paula – was staying at the star’s Los Angeles home when she began feeling hunger pangs late one evening. Kara decided to raid the fridge and was thrilled when she spotted a plate of tasty chocolate treats and decided to eat a few. A few hours later Kara realised she wasn’t feeling right and the emergency services were called.

“The maid at the time found some brownies in the freezer and put them in the refrigerator… I hadn’t really eaten much that night,” Kara told talk show host George Lopez. “Six hours later I was like, ‘What’s going on?’

“I fell out of bed, on the floor… and the ambulance comes, and this guy is like, ‘This b***h is high as a kite! This b***h is high as a kite!’”

Kara claims she ate approximately six of the snack-sized brownies and it took her days to recover.

“[I spent the next] three days in bed … I was hallucinating, I was on an IV, it was bad news!” she laughed.

Kara insists Paula wasn’t to blame for the mishap. She revealed someone else had left the baked goods at Paula’s home after a party.

The 40-year-old also spoke about the latest line-up for the American Idol judging panel. Kara, Paula, Ellen DeGeneres and Simon Cowell have all since left the show, leaving Randy Jackson to appear alongside new judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. Kara claims she was instrumental in rock star Steven joining the programme because she introduced him to American Idol bosses.

“I feel like I should get a finder’s fee!” she quipped.


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