Hackers Breach US Defense Networks Through RSA Encryption Key Vulnerability

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US Defense Computer Room

A group of hackers this week hacked their way into the security networks of some top US defense contractors. At this time it’s not clear if the hackers made out with any type of government documents, however it has been pointed out that highly classified documents would more than likely not be found on a closed government network.

According to a Reuters report there is a chance that some future weapons systems as well as details about some of the weapons being used in Iraq today could have been breached. Among company’s believed to have been hacked are Lockheed Martin, General Dynamic, Northrup Grumman, Raytheon and Boeing.

Hackers breached the US Contractors networks by discovering a vulnerability to the “electronic key” system design by the RSA security division of EMC Corp. The RSA key is used by people logging in from home and the road, a problem that has increased as our world become more connected and doing business outside of the office becomes necessary.

According to Phil Wainewright at ZDNet.

“Some say that the right response to cloud threats is to completely isolate the corporate network from the cloud,” he writes. “But that’s not realistic in today’s connected world.” Security threats are the price we pay for that convenience, and we’re going to have to deal with it.”



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